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Calendar highlights

Calendar highlights

Academic Orientation Sessions

All first-year programs beginning in Winter 2024 will have an academic orientation session. Students will hear about their course timetables, structure, schedules, projects, supports, and other program details to help them prepare for and excel in their program. Times vary: 9 am, 12 pm or 3 pm. If you are unable to attend, your Online Academic Orientation Session will be recorded. Your instructor will post the recorded video to eConestoga approximately 3 weeks after orientation.    

Mandatory for all first-year students.     

January 39 am, 12 pm or 3 pm

School of Applied Computer Science and Information Technology
School of Business
School of Interdisciplinary

January 49 am, 12 pm or 3 pm

School of Community Services
School of Creative Industries
School of Engineering and Technology
School of Health and Life Sciences

January 59 am, 12 pm or 3 pm

School of Hospitality and Culinary Arts
School of Trades
School of Workforce Development, Continuing Education and Online Learning

Check your program for specific dates, times, links or locations on the Academic Orientation Session web page. You must sign in with your Condor ID and Password to access this page.    

Campus Welcome Drop-Ins

Conestoga College offers many services to students that allow them to have a successful college experience. Our staff are eager to welcome you to campus and equip you with the items and information you need as a new student! Core services will extend their operating hours to service new students at their home campus (times vary). Visit these participating services to pick up essential items and talk one-on-one with service representatives. You will also be able to enjoy interactive games, live music and refreshments.

  • ONE Card: new students can pick up their ONE card at their home campus
  • Conestoga Students Inc. (CSI): New students can pick up a CSI giveaway at their home campus
  • Student Engagement: New students can pick up their welcome SWAG bag at their home campus and talk with student ambassadors.
  • SIN Clinics: Service Canada representatives will issue Social Insurance Numbers (SINs) for new students at participating campuses.
  • International Services: International students can engage with an international services rep at their home campus to get questions answered and clarify processes and procedures.
  • IT: IT support will be available at select campuses to support troubleshooting in person.

Optional for all first-year students.   

January 2-510 a.m. - 1 p.m.
(times vary based on specific campus activities)

Brantford campus
Cambridge - Fountain St. campus
Cambridge - Reuter Drive campus
Guelph campus
Kitchener - Doon campus
Kitchener - Downtown campus
Milton campus
Waterloo campus

Check your program for specific dates, times and locations of campus day activities on the Campus Welcome Drop-in page. Registration required. You must sign in with your Condor ID and Password to access this page.  

Meet and greets

Meet and greet sessions are an additional way for students to connect with faculty and talk one-on-one about features of their program. Not all programs host meet and greet sessions. Meet and greet sessions do not replace academic orientation sessions.  

Optional for all first-year students

DateTimeDelivery method
January 2-5Times varyIn person

Check your program for specific dates, times, and locations on the Meet and Greet web page. Registration is not required.   

Service webinars

Learn about essential services that will help you be your best. Information sessions take place online. Times vary and are in eastern time.   

Participating services: Registrar’s Office, ONE Card/Parking/Lockers, International Services, Athletics & Recreation, and more.   

Optional for all first-year students.   

DateTimeDelivery method
January 2-5
Times varyOnline
Througout JanuaryTimes varyOnline

Check out a full listing of information webinars on the Service webinars web page. Some webinars may require registration. 

Social events

Social events are open to all first-year students and help build social connections that last a lifetime. Take a plunge into our dynamic, warm, and welcoming Conestoga community! Events may take place online or in person. Times vary. 

Optional for all first-year students. 

DateTimeDelivery method
Througout JanuaryTimes varyOnline or in person

Check out a full listing of social events on the Social events web page. Some webinars may require registration.