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Frequently asked questions

1. What is the difference between Orientation and Frosh Week?

Orientation is hosted by the college and Frosh Week is hosted by Conestoga Students Inc. (CSI), the official student association for the college.  

Orientation is the main event for first-year students. It is comprised of free events, with a mix of optional and mandatory activities, including: information webinars, Campus Welcome Drop-in, and a mandatory Online Academic Orientation Session. It is the time for new students to get aquainted with the resources and services available, learn vital information about academic success, and get a sense of the Conestoga College community. You will learn essential information about college life and set the foundation for a successful journey at Conestoga College.  

Frosh Week is organized to welcome new students to Conestoga College through community-building and social activities. Some events might include a fee.

2. Which orientation events are mandatory and which should I register for?

Your Academic Orientation Session is mandatory and registration is not required. The Campus Welcome Drop-in and social events are optional to attend and may require registration.

3. What if I can't attend my mandatory Online Academic Orientation Session? Will the session be recorded?

Your Online Academic Orientation Session will be recorded. Your instructor will post the recorded video to eConestoga before the third week of classes. 

4. I will not have my visa in time to attend orientation activities. What should I do?

Please email International Admissions at for further assistance.

5. What is the purpose of my ONE Card? Do I need to pick it up during orientation?

Your ONE Card has many functions. It is your student ID and also gives you access to discounts at off-campus food vendors, transit (applicable for eligible students), library resources, printing, the Recreation Centre, and more. Learn all about the functions of the ONE Card

You can pick up your ONE Card card on your Campus Welcome Drop-in day or the week after orientation.

6. Can I get a campus tour during orientation?

During your Campus Welcome Drop-in, you can request a tour at participating campuses. Tours are scheduled on a first-come, first-served basis. You may be asked to wait 10–15 minutes for a tour. Speak to our Student Engagement team when you arrive. 

7. Will I meet my professors on campus, or will my program host an in-person meet and greet?

You may get to meet some of your professors in your Academic Orientation Session. Some programs are also hosting an in-person meet and greet on campus during the Campus Welcome Drop-in. View our calendar for details.  

8. Is there complimentary parking during the Campus Welcome Drop-in?

Complimentary parking is provided to students visiting campus on their Campus Welcome Drop-in day. For instructions on how to redeem complimentary parking, visit directions and parking.  

9. Where can I find a campus map?

Visit directions and parking for campus maps. We encourage you to look at the map or take a virtual tour before arriving, to better orient yourself while on campus.      

10. I don't understand the room numbers and where my classes are located.

Kitchener - Doon and Waterloo room example


  • 2 - The first digit is the floor number.
  • E - The letter is the floor wing.
  • 05 - The last two digits are the room number.

Guelph room example


  • D - The letter is the floor wing.
  • 18 - The last two digits are the room number.

Cambridge - Fountain Street example


  • A - The letter is the building.
  • 1 - The first number is the floor level.
  • 326 - The last three digits are the room number.

Brantford and Downtown Kitchener example

013 or 145

  • If there is a 0 in front of the number that means the room is on the lower level
  • If the code starts with a 1, the room is on floor one. If the code starts with a 2, the room is on floor two and so on.
11. Are orientation dates and times final?

Check back regularly for any updates to the Campus Welcome Drop-in agenda and your Academic Orientation Session date/times.    

12. Do any orientation events cost money?

Orientation events are free. Frosh Week events, hosted by Conestoga Students Inc., may include a fee.  

13. What should I bring to orientation?

Yourself! You don't need to bring anything, but we suggest wearing comfortable shoes for exploring the campus. Visit directions and parking for campus maps. We also encourage you to take a virtual tour before arriving, to better orient yourself while on campus.

14. I am having trouble accessing my timetable.

To receive your timetable, you must get fully registered. Once these items are complete, please allow 24 hours for your account to be updated in the Student Portal.

If you've completed this step and need help accessing your timetable, please email

15. My password and/or user name is not working when I log in to my student account.

Visit the IT website for information about accessing your account. Or, reach out to IT Services for help:

16. How do I access the Wi-Fi while on campus?

Visit IT Services for instructions on connecting to the Wi-Fi.  

17. How do I get in touch with my program coordinator for questions related to my program?

Please refer to your program's student handbook for contact information.